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New Year, New Intention

Last year, my intention was to “be present”.  It was hard to work at it.  It is so easy to let my mind wander to the “what should I have done” and the “what if this happens” and all the little things that need attention at some point.  I did manage to improve my focus, and keep my mind and attention on the here and now.  It made some of the highlights of the year like the Plane Pull for Sight and the TWECS project much more rewarding.

This year, I’ve decided that my intention will be the quote that has guided my life for the past 13 years. Continue reading ‘New Year, New Intention’


100 Happy Days Challenge: Day 93

I’ve got mail!
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Project 365 – Day 126

What scares me

Continue reading ‘Project 365 – Day 126’

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