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To make or not to make…

I’m in a conundrum.

I started dealing with Christmas presents this past weekend – wrapping gifts and planning out what I still need to shop for.  I had this great plan to make about half my gifts this year. It would have been more, but Continue reading ‘To make or not to make…’


100 Happy Days Redux: Day 36

Today was a happy day. It was my 3 month anniversary at Continue reading ‘100 Happy Days Redux: Day 36’


100 Happy Days Redux: Day 35


I made another necklace this evening with Continue reading ‘100 Happy Days Redux: Day 35’


100 Happy Days Challenge: Day 2

Handmade projects
Continue reading ‘100 Happy Days Challenge: Day 2’


Buying local and handmade

I love buying handmade. It’s so much more rewarding to give my money to someone who put their time and effort in creating beautiful things. And even more, I love buying handmade and local. Etsy’s great; I shop there fairly regularly. However, shopping in person is more sustainable (read “green) and supports our local economy.

I was at Portobello West today. It’s one of my favourite Vancouver markets for crafts and locally made products. As usual, I spent too much time and too much money but I left with a bag full of wonderful things. I’ll be back again when it’s time for Christmas shopping for sure. In the spirit of my little shopping spree, I thought I’d share a few of my favourite Vancouver designers.

Please note that none of these photos belong to me. They belong to the designers that I refer to in the accompanying blurb and link.

Schaart Clothing Company

Cheryl Densky makes the most wonderful clothing, from size 2 to 24. I fell in love with her stuff at Portobello West 2 years ago. Everything is designed to be comfortable and stylish, with awesome little details in the cuff links and buttons. I’m having her Rana dress made for me right now, and it has been a wonderful process getting the dress custom made for me.

Creampuff by gg

It’s the girly boxer short!! Well, I’ve been calling them bloomers, but hey, whatever you call them they are the best thing ever. Designed originally to deal with the dreaded thigh rub when wearing a skirt or dress, creampuffs have become my favourite thing to wear around the house as well. They’re super comfortable, super cute and make you feel like a girly girl 🙂  In addition to working really well for thigh rub, I find it really helps when wearing those skirts that are just a smidge too short and ride up when I have to kneel down to do filing. Gerry-Gail Endean is the brains behind the outfit, and I have the greatest laughs with her when I see her at Portobello West.

Lilikoi Lane

I’d be very remiss if I didn’t tell you about my sister-in-law’s wonderful shop for baby and kids clothing. She makes the cutest appliqued shirts and ponytail holders. Crystal is totally open to customizing the fabric and designs. And, well, they look so darn cute on kids!! There are also very cute newborn dresses and purses made by Crystal’s mom.

Lindsay Staniforth Designs

Lindsay’s jewelery is one of the first handmade, local things I ever bought. A good friend of mine introduced me to these beautiful wooden works of art. I admit, I’m a bit (okay, a lot) of a jewelry addict. I have 2 of Lindsay’s pieces, and I get tons of compliments whenever I wear them. The mix of wood and sterling silver gives them huge impact in a minimalist design.

Strap Happy

I just discovered Strap Happy at Portobello West today; it was her first time out. Martha makes awesome colourful neck straps for cameras. Of course, the photographer in me could not resist! The straps look really comfortable and pretty. I hate wearing my Olympus strap that screams “Steal me!” so this will be a nice change. I really hope Martha’s work takes off at the market.


Now I could go on and on because there are tons of designers that I support. The point is…go out to the local markets. Portobello West, Got Craft, the Eastside Culture Crawl, and the Women’s Winter Faire are all great options for discovering the quality, beauty and uniqueness of handmade work.

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