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Saturday morning projects: jewellery holder

In continuing with my last post, this is the other Saturday morning project I’ve done.

The June 25 project was a couple of jewellery holders. I have a slight addiction to necklaces. And I’m a very visual person, so if I can’t see stuff I forget I have it.  Hence the need to keep my necklaces out on display. Continue reading ‘Saturday morning projects: jewellery holder’


Saturday morning projects: dry erase board

I’m not a morning person by any stretch of the imagination. Anyone who knows me well knows not to call me before 10:00 AM on weekends and holidays. There is the occasional Saturday, however, when I get up and I’m in the mood to do something creative for the morning. The two projects I’ve done so far were both to make things a bit prettier and more functional in my new apartment.

So the August 4 project is a dry erase board. I had this spot in my kitchen that was crying out for something. I’ve been looking for a vertical piece of art to put there. When I was at Michaels the other day, it occurred to me that it would be a great spot for notes to myself. And a simple dry erase board was born. Continue reading ‘Saturday morning projects: dry erase board’


Day 11: What is your favourite quote?

All paths are the same, leading nowhere.
Therefore follow the path with heart.
~ Carlos Castaneda

The story of this quote and how I consider it my guide in life goes back a few years.  In 2005, Continue reading ‘Day 11: What is your favourite quote?’


New Inspiration for Blogging

Hmmm…it’s been quite a long while since I’ve posted anything.  Primarily because there really hasn’t been all that much going on worth talking about in my life.  I’ve also spread myself quite thin over all the social media platforms I enjoy: facebook, pinterest, steepster, flickr, twitter, tumblr and this blog.  I’ve found some new inspiration for blogging from a pin on pinterest actually:

Yes, it sounds a bit hokey.  I think, however, that it will help me get Continue reading ‘New Inspiration for Blogging’


It’s that time of year again…Christmas cards!

You may remember that I blogged last year around this time about the Christmas cards I make every year.  Well, a year later and here I go again…

This was last year’s card. I took the photograph of the cherub at Continue reading ‘It’s that time of year again…Christmas cards!’


Christmas Cards (a.k.a. how I stress myself out every year)

Less than a month now before Christmas Day…it feels like time is going by so fast. Only 1 more week of classes, then 2 final exams, then a short break before I start teaching again. Somewhere in there, I’ve got to do my Christmas shopping and get my cards out into the postal vortex.

Back in 2006, I got it into my head that it would be fun to make my own Christmas cards. I had a cute idea in mind, and I already did scrapbooking so paper crafts weren’t unfamiliar to me. That’s my cat Sir Spotacus the Lazy lounging by the fireplace. It was such an appropriate photo that I just built the card around it.

Then in 2007, I had to do it again. I had just come back from a Third World Eye Care project in Vietnam where I had taken over 700 photos. I wanted to show off a bit of that photography just like the year before. Well, that and I had gotten a lot of positive feedback about the cat card. I took the photo in a Buddhist temple in Saigon (Ho Chi Minh City). I ramped up the card design a little bit with the use of rubber stamping, but still kept it fairly simple so the photo would be the focus point.

In 2008, I decided to get super creative. This is also where I started stressing myself out. I found out about mizuhiki knots; it’s a Japanese craft where you use paper cord to create intricate knots. I chose a relatively simple design that signified friendship. Yeah, not so simple looking huh? I handmade about 45 of those knots on top of making the card itself. Sometimes I think that I’ll never learn how to simplify my life…

Last year I became more intrigued with rubber stamping after seeing a demonstration at a craft show. Yup, I just had to make my card making ordeal more complicated. This involved 2 different stamps, multiple markers and stamp pads and little sticky “pearls”. I guess I should point out that I make roughly 40 to 45 cards each year. It sometimes makes me long for the days when I was happy to buy UNICEF cards every Christmas.

This year…and no, I’m not going to put up a photo and ruin the surprise…I did a mix of old and new tricks. There’s a bit of photography, a bit of rubber stamping and a little something new. I also made them more than a month ago instead of waiting until the last week of November like usual. The hard part is waiting extra long to see what people think. Hopefully it will live a little while on mantles and shelves before it gets chucked into the recycling bin.

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