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100 Happy Days Redux: Day 51

More fun with interior design details…this time the lights in the lobby of the Hilton Garden Inn Calgary Airport.  I was telling someone recently that Continue reading ‘100 Happy Days Redux: Day 51’


Fun with the iPhone Instagram app

Haven’t had a lot of time for photography or blogging these days.  I did, however, find the time to download the Instagram app onto my iPhone. Oh the fun to be had!! I spend so much time trying to create perfect photos with my dSLR that I forgot the fun in the good ol’ snapshot.

That was my lunch today: a grilled cheese sandwich with white bread and gouda. I’m not only impressed with the photo, but also with the fact that I didn’t burn my food!! I used the X-Pro II filter to give it that old-time greasy spoon diner kind of feel.

This one turned out a little spookier than I had intended. It’s one of those dolls that you stick little notes inside; my goddaughter gave it to me as a birthday present. The fluffy pink things were a give-away at the Jean Paul Gauthier counter when they introduced a new perfume. With the Lomo-fi filter, this photo turned a cheesy set of toys into an interesting shot.

Stay tuned for more on my flickr page:
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Photography can make me cry

I’ll rather stare at a single photograph that has the depth to make me cry, than an entire portfolio of random poses that bore me to death. That being the difference of quality over quantity. – Filmalter

Another quote that sums up how I felt this afternoon.

Today I went to see a documentary photo exhibit at the UBC Bookstore called “Along the Way”. It was created by Light and Love Home, a charity dedicated to providing education, shelter, food and safe spaces in various locations around the world. The woman who created these amazing works of art is actually an amateur photographer who volunteers with the charity. I’m so incredibly impressed by her skill in capturing such a depth of feeling and need in her subject matter.

Advertisement for the "Along the Way" exhibit

I’m not joking about photography making me cry. The above photo was the first one I saw at the exhibit. The caption said that these 3 kids were abandoned at a Nepalese brick factory by their father after their mother died. Underneath was a new photo, taken a year later, of the same girl now smiling and healthy. She and her brothers live at an orphanage sponsored by Light and Love Home. A volunteer came up to me to ask if I had any questions, and I actually choked up and started crying. Thank goodness Alison (we introduced ourselves afterward) was patient because it took me some time to recover my composure. I did not expect that at all. Something in that diptych struck a chord in me; it still does. I can feel the tears welling up while I write this.

If you’re in the Vancouver area, I highly suggest you take a trip out to UBC to see these photos. Yes, it’s a bit of a trek just to see about 14 photos, but it was such a powerful experience for me. The exhibit is just outside the UBC Bookstore for the rest of this week from 10 AM to 4PM


Wedding Photography

I was at a very dear friend’s wedding 2 days ago. It was the first traditional Filipino wedding I’ve attended since 2003, so not only was I all choked up about my friend leaving the ranks of singlehood, I was feeling quite maudlin about my culture and my memories of attending Filipino weddings as a child.

I was also quite happy to not feel pressured to take photos. I did not bring my dSLR with me because 1. I didn’t think it would be appropriate when there was already an official photographer, 2. people always think that you can “help” the official photographer if you look like you have a semi-decent camera in your hands, and 3. my camera so did not go with my dress. I did bring my little Olympus C-7000 Zoom along because, well you know, I have to take some photos to make me happy 🙂

The veil & the cord

There are a lot of rituals and tradition surrounding weddings. In the Filipino wedding, there are “sponsors” who witness the wedding and represent people who can give the new couple advice and support. They’re kind of like the godparents at a child’s baptism. In fact, the sponsors are given the title Ninong and Ninang, the same titles given to godparents.

“During a specific point in the ceremony known as the Sanctus, the veil sponsors carefully pin a large veil on top of the bride’s head and onto the shoulder of the groom. The veil symbolizes unity and that the couple shall be “clothed as one.” The other set of sponsors are called the cord sponsors. After the veil is placed on both the bride and groom, the cord sponsors place a white cord loosely around the necks of the couple in a “figure eight” configuration. The cord symbolizes the lifelong bond or tie between the bride and groom.” (from Filipino Weddings)

The bride and groom

I don’t know if this is specifically a Filipino thing or not, but the ceremony was at 11 AM. The reception started at 6 PM at a different location. While growing up, I thought all wedding were supposed to be like that. Then I started going to non-Filipino weddings as an adult, and I started watching those sappy reality wedding shows on Slice; I guess that not how most weddings are scheduled.

Have you ever done wedding photography? I have. It’s hard. It’s very stressful. I will try very hard to not do it again. I like to take my time with my photography; enjoy the process and think about what I’m trying to achieve for the photo. You can’t do that at a wedding. It’s shoot, shoot, shoot and shoot some more just in case you didn’t catch the right look or moment. And I don’t have the right skill set to do that kind of photography. (Nor the right equipment, but that’s a whole other story.) And I stressed out so much about whether the couple would like my photos that I couldn’t enjoy being a guest as well. Oh yeah, don’t agree to that kind of scenario ever. Either be a photographer or be a guest. Trying to be both means you won’t enjoy being either.

If you’re my friend and you’re reading this, please don’t get me wrong. I enjoy taking photos for your events; hey, I’m going to be taking them anyway. But weddings in particular are too hard and too emotion-laden for you to rely on a friend who does amateur photography as a hobby. I can give you pretty photos of cakes and candles but please don’t ask me to capture everything from such a special day.

And, someday, if I ever get married, I am going to have that veil and cord ceremony and the coin ceremony (Arrhae) and the unity candle and maybe even groomsmen in barongs tagalog.

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Capturing emotion

I like to watch the person viewing my photographs to see if their eyes twinkle or cloud with tears. Does the smile sneek out when they were not expecting it to. Then I know I have captured emotion that can be shared. – Marsha Cairo

I got this quote through the feed on Facebook. It captures what I think most photographers, including myself, want from our craft. We can work on the technical aspect of photography until we’re blue in the face, but it’s the evocation of emotion that makes a great photo.

Little Miss Autumn

Okay, so maybe it’s not the greatest photo from my collection, but it’s one that always gets a reaction. Autumn is cute, when she’s not being a diva. And I think I managed to capture that mix of being adorable and being prissy at the same time.

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