Every year, I find a Christmas ornament to represent something meaningful from the year.  Sometimes it’s external (like a new job), many times it’s internal (highlights from my rambling thoughts).  Sometimes the ornaments are literal representations, sometimes only I know the connection.  I thought I would share the ornaments from the last 6 years with you.

2012 Ornament

In 2012, I started working for Visual Eyes as a trainer, so the computer was a pretty obvious choice.  It was a big year.  I moved from Vancouver, where I had lived for 16 years, to Red Deer, Alberta.  I also switched careers from optometric assistant to software trainer.  It was a huge learning curve, both at the job and in my move to the Prairies.  Sometimes, I wonder if I made the right decision back then.  I miss Vancouver a lot.  Then again, I suppose things happen for a reason, and where I am in my life now may not have happened if I had stayed where I was.  In the end, the ornament represents the fact I was brave enough to move to a city where I knew no one and start a completely different job.

2013 Ornament
I bought this German glass bird from The Original Christmas Village in Victoria, BC while I was there for a work trip in 2013.  To me, birds represent freedom, and this was one of my first solo training trips. This little red bird marked a bit of a milestone in that I was trusted to do this training project on my own. The staff at both clinics were so fun to work with, and I really enjoyed being out on Vancouver Island. Even though I was born and raised in the Prairies, I think I’m a West Coast girl at heart. It’s why I still would love to move back to Vancouver if the chance ever comes around. I just found out that the Christmas store closed 2 years later, so I’m glad I got the chance to see it.

48987517_10156627153110837_2870284080790896640_oIn the fall of 2014, I was on a work trip to Middleton, Nova Scotia. It was my first time in the Annapolis Valley, and I loved the people and the surroundings.  Since I love artisan-made crafts, I had to buy this little angel made from a piece of an old saucer.  The meaning behind the ornament though is more personal.  I was struggling with burnout by that point, and I started wondering if this was really what I wanted my life to be.  I was on the road so much for work that my place in Red Deer had become a glorified storage closet.  And the people caring for my cats while I was away were concerned about how much time they were spending alone.  By the end of the year, I made the decision to leave my job and move to Edmonton.

48397608_10156627153025837_3078661046290874368_oAugust 2015: I started my job as a trainer with Eye Recommend. On the back of the ornament (which was made by GRO Porcelain of Sherwood Park), I wrote “Spread your wings and fly!”  I wasn’t particularly happy in the work I was doing after I moved to Edmonton.  Then this opportunity came up.  It’s close to my dream job: I’m working in optometry, and I get to teach and help guide fellow eyecare professionals.  I really felt like I was finally free to do what I wanted to do with my work life.  From the first field and office team meeting that summer, I knew I was working with an amazing group of people.  (And I’m not just saying that because I know some of my coworkers will end up reading this!)  This little dove represents a turning point in my work life that means a lot to me to this day.

48417054_10156627152945837_8760444935385120768_oIn 2016, the training team created and delivered the Eye Recommend regional training program. It was hard work; we traveled to 8 cities in 8 days (4 in the spring and 4 in the fall) to deliver the 3 hour presentation.  The experience really bonded us as a team, and it was crazy fun to travel together.  I am proud to be a part of the Dream Team Training Machine™, now with 4 members because we are that busy.    I also learned a lot about how to create a presentation and work in PowerPoint.  The work confirmed my feeling that I was in the right job with the right people.  Joyce, Nathan, and LeAnne, if you guys are reading this, I want to say that you are all so awesome and I’m grateful for everything you do to make this team the best training team ever!

48996071_10156627152880837_7135924322186559488_oI visited the Nikka Yuko Japanese Garden in Lethbridge, Alberta in the spring of 2017. I have to laugh when I think back to what I tried to do. I had just finished 2 days of workshops, and I had a 5 hour drive home that day. My plan was to blast through the garden in about 15 minutes because I really wanted to see it, but I knew I had to get going.  As I walked through the paths, I felt myself slowing down and thinking about what I was doing.  Rushing through a garden that is designed for quiet contemplation!  I was nearing that burnout stage again, and I ended up sitting in the garden for an hour and a half trying to figure out why I keep pushing myself so much.  I can’t lie; I still do it.  The origami flowers are meant to remind me about the ridiculousness of my crazy life, and to slow down already.

48415383_10156627152795837_3115358745811484672_oThe highlight this year was definitely my trip to Costa Rica with Third World Eyecare Society.  I had meant to blog about it while I was there, but somehow the words didn’t come.  I wanted to simply experience the work and the people and the places, and I figured that I would write about it afterwards.  This little frog on a leaf was made by one of the Nicaraguan refugees we helped in La Carpio, a slum area of San José.  Just like some of the previous ornaments, it also represents a change in my thoughts about my life.  This time it’s about my personal values and the life I’ve been living.  Going back to the volunteer work that I haven’t done in 11 years reminded me about my true dream job and how I feel when I’m out there helping people.

I’m planning to get my stuff out of storage next summer, so next year I hopefully will get to share the stories behind the older ornaments.

Merry Christmas everyone!

December 22, 2018
© All rights reserved, missmylin 2018

1 Response to “Memories”

  1. 1 Jen W
    2018/12/23 at 2:37 pm

    Thank you for sharing your journey and your beautiful ornaments, Myra! Much love and a big hug to you. Merry Christmas. ❤️🎄

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