A tale of three cats

I’m back!  Miss me?  When I wrote that post last July, I didn’t anticipate that my break would be this long.  However, life gets in the way and suddenly it’s 9 months later.  So much has happened that I can’t cram it all into one post.  I’ll start with the events that prompted me to start writing again…my beloved cats.

Little Miss Autumn

Little Miss Autumn

Six months ago today, Little Miss Autumn (who you have seen many a time on this blog) passed away.  She was roughly 14 years old.  I came home from Thanksgiving weekend in Calgary.  When I opened the door, I knew as soon as she didn’t greet me that she was gone.  She was lying near the door, stretched out as if she was enjoying the autumn sunshine.  With all the traveling I did for work, I knew deep down that it would be possible for this happen.  I thought I was ready.  I wasn’t.  She was my little princess, my first pet.  I remember bringing her home in 2002.  I was at Petcetera buying supplies in preparation for welcoming a cat

The last photo of Autumn and I together October 8, 2014

The last photo of Autumn and I together October 8, 2014

into my home.  The plan was to go to the SPCA later that week once I had my place ready.  Just out of curiosity, my now sister-in-law and I took a peek into the cat adoption area where they brought in animals from the SPCA.  Crystal saw Autumn, picked her out of the cage and plopped her into my arms.  It was love at first sight.  So all my careful plans to make my place cat-ready went right out the window, and I went home with this fluffy ball of fur.  She made herself right at home, and very quickly became the little diva who deigned to let me live with her.  I miss her terribly.  The sadness is tinged with so much guilt over the fact that I wasn’t there for her at the end.  I was gone so much for work, and although I had great friends who cared for the cats while I was away, I know they must have been lonely with mum on the road all the time.

Sir Spotacus the Lazy

Sir Spotacus the Lazy

On November 4, 2014, 3 weeks after Autumn’s death and on what would have been her 12th homecoming anniversary, Sir Spotacus the Lazy lost his battle with kidney disease.  He too was somewhere around 14-15 years old.  I made a blog post about the day that I found out Spot was sick.  Unlike Autumn’s passing, I knew this one was coming.  And in the end, I held him in my arms at the vet’s office as he passed away.  Spot wasn’t even mine to begin with.  Crystal had been fostering him, but needed to find a new home

The last photo of Spotacus and I October 31, 2014

The last photo of Spotacus and I together
October 31, 2014

for him when she and my brother brought a puppy into their home.  It seemed like a good idea to give Autumn a companion to play with.  And without knowing the proper way to introduce two cats to each other, I just brought him home. They quickly became best friends and partners in crime.  The SPCA had named him Spot, but my brother and I thought that that was a stupid name for a cat so he became Spotacus.  And yes, he was as lazy as his name implied.  He was the perfect complement to Autumn’s diva ways.  For more than a decade, he greeted me at the door when I came home from work.  We had many a conversation punctuated with loud meows.  I miss him just as much as Autumn, but I think I had more closure with his death.  I was there for him, and I knew that he was no longer suffering from his failing kidneys.

There’s so much more that I wish I could say. About how I loved them so. About how they made my days interesting with their high jinks. About how they were my companions during some of the darkest moments of my adult life. I have been mulling over the creation of this blog post for months now: wanting to write about them, but being unable to find the right words, the right time. I guess I feared that writing about their deaths would make things sound so final. The truth is that I accepted all of this months ago. I can write about Autumn and Spotacus and remember the happy times instead of berating myself over the “should have beens” and “only ifs”. I’m now sitting here realizing that although there are some thoughts and memories that can’t be verbalized, I can hopefully convey the happiness they brought into my life.

There is a new chapter in the story. It begins with a cat that had four different homes before I met her. You’ll meet her tomorrow, and hear more about the things that kept me too busy to blog for a long while.

April 13, 2015
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