Sir Spotacus the Lazy

Hi all.  It’s been a long while since I’ve posted.  Mostly because I’ve been too busy traveling around the country and working and all that not-so-fun stuff.  I think about the blog in passing when I’m driving on the highway or waiting at the airport, but I never seem to get past the thinking stage.  I haven’t really had anything happen worth posting about.   Until today.

I took Spotacus to the vet yesterday.  Nothing was really wrong with him.  I got an email from the vet with a coupon for 50% off a feline exam, and since Spot is 14 years old, I figured I might as well bring him in.

Get me outta here!!

Get me outta here!!

Challenge: get Spot to the vet.  He is one noisy cat when he’s not happy.  I listened to him in the elevator on the way down to the car.  I listened to him as I was loading his carrier into the car.  I listened to him all the way to the vet.  Then he was absolutely silent when we walked into the clinic.  Damn cat.

We go to a really great clinic here in Red Deer called Clearview Dog & Cat Hospital.  They came highly recommended by a co-worker, and I’ve been very happy with their service.  Spot wasn’t sure about this whole vet business because he hadn’t been to the vet in 3.5 years (and the last time, I had to leave him there overnight).  My jeans were covered in cat fur long before the vet came into the room.  But he was quiet!

Enough of this...let's go home!

Enough of this…let’s go home!

Dr. Kristie is awesome!  She was really gentle with Spot, and put up with his escape tactics.  She was concerned about his kidneys and what looks like muscle loss in his hindquarters, so we agreed to do some bloodwork and urine analysis.  So, while I went out front to get a coffee (those Keurig dispensers are pretty cool, by the way), he went off to the back for the samples.  Next thing I hear is a lot of loud crying.  Nope, he really didn’t like that.  He was very pissy when he came back to the exam room.  Luckily, Dr. Kristie has treats, and he loves treats no matter how mad he is with the world.  So it’s a good thing I had the coupon because it became a lot more expensive than I was expecting.  But, it needed to be done.  We bid everyone goodbye, and went home to wait for the test results.

Autumn, get me out of this thing!

Autumn, get me out of this thing!

I should tell you a bit about Sir Spotacus the Lazy.  He was originally one of my sister-in-law’s fosters.  I remember the day I met him.  He was all skin and bones, and had a cold to boot.  He hid in the bedroom a lot, away from the other two cats.  The SPCA said his name was Spot.  My brother and I thought that was a stupid name for a cat, so we renamed him Spotacus.

A few months after he came to their home, my brother and sister-in-law got a dog.  They couldn’t keep Spot and deal with a little puppy, so I agreed to take him.  I had just gotten a cat 3 months before that, and I thought it would be great for her to have a companion.  I didn’t know anything about introducing a new cat slowly.  Lucky for me, they got along immediately.  And they’ve been together since 2003. 

I got the call this afternoon with Spot’s test results.  He has kidney disease.  And since his calcium levels are high, he may possibly have cancer.  Poor little guy.  I can’t say I’m surprised; he is 14 after all.  I knew in my heart that all the things that come with aging are in the works.  I’m sad.  He’s such a great, if noisy, companion.  Luckily, doc says that it can be managed with diet, and he can still have a number of years ahead.  He isn’t in any pain.  He is happily purring beside me as I write this post.  I’ve been holding him a little closer since the vet visit; he gets more kisses and pets.  It will be all that much harder to leave him when I go on work trips.  But, I will make the most of all the time we have left together.


March 12, 2014
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