Zombies Run! Post Civilization: The Drop

Zombies Run! Post Civilization is a Facebook group I joined with fellow Zombies, Run! Fans.  Last week, I started a story based on a challenge from the group.  There was some interest in what happens next, so here’s the story…

The higher ups were in a tizzy today.  There was talk of a supply drop up by McKenzie Trail.  No one really seemed to know what was going to be dropped, but no one ever turns their nose up at any kind of supply these days.  Problem was that all the Gaetz Lakes runners were either out on supply runs or too nervous to go up to an area that is absolutely crawling with zombies.  So, guess who got “volen-told” to go??


As a runner-in-training, I don’t have my own weapons.  Sure, I have a small hunting knife, but that’s not going to do anything against a zom.  So, I was sent to the nearby Armoury with a letter authorizing me to be armed.  They gave me the choice of either a handgun or a machete.  Choices, choices.  The handgun gives me the luxury of distance but then I’ll constantly be looking for ammo.  I went with the machete.  They gave me this neat scabbard that I wear like a backpack so that it won’t interfere with my running.

BikeIt was much more desolate running to McKenzie Trail than my run last week to the hospital.  The trees are losing their leaves so death seems to be everywhere.  I saw this abandoned bike.  It made me wonder if the kid turned right then and there.  Poor child.  I haven’t seen a kid zom yet, but I’m told to be careful because they’re crazy quick.  And you don’t notice them right away since you tend to look up and not down.  I’m 5’1″ so maybe being short will give me an advantage at noticing them.  Maybe not.  I don’t want to encounter a kid zom at all.


Trail closed Made it to McKenzie Trail.  I had never run this trail back in the days before the apocalypse, so I had to rely on Sam’s instructions more than usual. I got to a point in the trail that looks like it was bombed or something. It confused Sam. Not good. Perhaps another township trying to get to the supply drop that was meant for us?  No, this looked old.  Maybe there used to be some kind of building here.  I told Sam there was a trail going slightly north of this point, and he said to give that a try.  He said the drop point was very close to my position.

SanitationI came across one of the old sanitation areas. They sprung up at the beginning of the outbreak, back when people thought that the virus could be airborne so everyone had to go through the “sanitzation process”. We learned pretty quick that it wasn’t airborne, that you got infected through zombie blood. But, it doesn’t stop some people from wearing face masks and avoiding anyone, alive or undead.  And I can’t say that they’re completely wrong.  In a world gone crazy, we will do anything to keep ourselves safe.

Supply DropFound it! And it looked untouched, a very good sign.  There was a wealth of medication: painkillers and antibiotics.  Material to make large tents.  Some communication equipment.  And three curious document bags, sealed and addressed to the Major-General at Cormack Armoury.  My township isn’t run by the military (yet), but we have a great working relationship with Cormack.  We are hoping that it stays that way.  I hope these documents mean good things, and not the feared takeover that some of the higher ups think is coming.

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1 Response to “Zombies Run! Post Civilization: The Drop”

  1. 1 cindiaugustine
    2013/10/14 at 12:47 am

    Really hooked now! Love the foreshadowing of the kid zom. (Just know that’s going to come around again.) Great use of photos with the stories, and really like the flow of your writing style.

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