Crochet Along Week 14

Sorry about the delay.  I was in Calgary last weekend for the Alberta Association of Optometrists’ annual convention.  Part of my job was to work at my company’s tradeshow booth.  The more fun part of my job was to present a 60 minute lecture to a group of optometric assistants and opticians.  I was nervous, especially when I walked in the room and saw about 80 people.  My presentation on contact lenses was well received, however, and I’m hoping that my evaluations will be pretty good.

I’m also super excited that I have some photos to share of Jamie’s squares:

Jamie’s Square 10

Jamie’s Square 11

Here’s my square 13. I found it a little too simple, but I wanted to give you guys a break from all the thinking involved in the last few squares.

This week’s square is a bit different.  I chose the pattern for the Mitered Square Afghan from Bernat.  I was curious after a number of people in the Bernat forums said that the mitered square is difficult.  Just reading the pattern, I couldn’t figure out where the difficulty was.  As I started making it though, I saw what people meant.  This is the only square I have so far that came out bigger than I expected.  And it leans in an odd way because of the hdc stitch I used instead of sc stitches.  I have blocked it already (which only helped marginally); I’m hoping that it will look better once it’s joined with the other squares.

I also didn’t realize that you can’t view this pattern unless you sign up on the Bernat website.  It’s free to join, but if you would rather not sign up, let me know and I will find some way to get the pattern to you.

Please continue to send photos of your finished squares.  It makes me feel less lonely in my little corner of the wordpress world.  The email address is crochet_along@yahoo.ca, and you can send pics of any of the squares that you’ve done in the whole project.

I’m going to spend the next 2 weeks trying to keep warm.  After living out on the West Coast for 17 years, I’m a total wimp when it comes to the cold.  I finally pulled out my winter things.  My parents were kind enough to get me a proper winter jacket for walking to work.  I bought some more appropriate fall/winter clothing for when I have to dress up to go to clinics.  But, I’m still cold.  Hence the need for a proper afghan on my bed!

Keep warm out there everyone, and happy crocheting!


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