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So, I’m trying to get through the figurative mountain of emails on my computer.  I’m subscribed to so many blogs, optometry-related stuff and groupon-type deal sites that I can’t ever get that stupid red notification off my iPhone mail icon.  It’s annoying.  But who has time to read through all this stuff?  Not me.  Unless of course I wake up early (well, early for me) on a Sunday morning and sit at the computer with a matcha latte and focus.

I received this email from Chapters/Indigo this morning:

What an awesome idea! So many public schools struggle to maintain proper resources for their students, and books are definitely one of those resources. I looked through the list of schools. There is no Red Deer school on there, I’m not familiar with any of the Vancouver schools… But wait, École St. Mary is on there. This is where my friend Jamie from livingbetween is a Grade 2 teacher. (You may remember that she’s the one who started our crochet-along.) It’s a public school in the North end of Regina that offers a bilingual curriculum. From what she has told me about her school, there are a lot of students who need extra support both at school and at home. I can see why they applied for the Adopt a School program.

And so I’m asking you a favour. Please consider participating in this cause. I would like it if you chose to adopt St. Mary (http://adoptaschool.indigo.ca/eng/schools/143?rid=3387&rp=user&rm=link), but pick any school that you feel needs your help. By simply adopting a school, you give them a point towards earning books.

Library time was the highlight of my week when I went to École St. Pie X, and I loved the little library at École St. Andrew. I want the students at École St. Mary to have the same opportunity that I had back when I was their age.  (uh oh, that makes me sound old)

from the Indigo Adopt a School website

Edit: It looks like the list changed since this morning. There is now a Red Deer school on there: Normandeau School.


2 Responses to “Adopt a School”

  1. 1 cindiaugustine
    2012/09/16 at 12:14 pm

    Great idea! BTW, I’ve just starting unsubscribing from the tons of newsletters and websites I used to get emails from. Like you I was finding it overwhelming. I began to see it as clutter and decided to be honest with myself, I wasn’t reading 90% of it. Frees up my time nicely. I bookmarked the sites I didn’t want to lose so when I do have time to read I can just pop in. I guess I’m a rehabilitated email hoarder! LOL

    • 2012/09/16 at 5:13 pm

      I’ve unsubscribed from a few blogs, but there are some that I really want to keep up with them. My online life is like my real life; if I don’t see it, I forget that it exists. LOL! And the optometry stuff is so that i don’t lose touch with the industry, which I feel is happening already. And the deal sites…well, what if I miss a good deal??? I’m so ridiculous! It truly is being an email hoarder!!

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