Time for a huge change!

I’ve been pretty quiet over the past month because I’m preparing for a major overhaul in my life.  If you had told me 2 months ago that I would be in this position now, I would have laughed!  Yet here I am, on the cusp of a major new beginning 🙂

Every new beginning means the end of something old.  I quit my job at the optometry clinic after only 10 months.  I thought last year that I was stuck in a rut and that a new clinic would put new energy into my career.  I’ve come to realize, however, that as much as I love being an optometric assistant it’s time to take a break from clinic work.  It’s funny to say that.  I’ve been so sure for so long that this is my path with heart.  Even now, I have a hard time imagining life without seeing patients everyday.  My last day was two days ago; I think I’m going to go through withdrawal over the next few weeks.

I’m not leaving optometry altogether.  I’ve heard from many in the industry that you can never really leave eyecare once it gets into your blood.  I believe it.  Besides, I’ve worked too long and too hard to develop my knowledge and skills; there’ s no way I want to abandon that all now.  I’m going to be working for a software company that created (arguably) the best practice management software for optometrists.  I have used this program in all three clinics I’ve worked for, so I know most of it inside and out.  I’ll be a trainer, going into clinics to train doctors and staff on how to use the program.  It means I’ll be doing a LOT of traveling over the course of the job because the program is used in clinics all across Canada.

I’m really excited that I’ll be expanding my training skills that developed with the OAC teaching job.  Which, incidentally, went really well this year.  By the time we finished the workshop in Moncton last month, I had finally delivered all the workshop lectures and coached all the workshop stations. Yay!!  I’m now a full-fledged lecturer/coach for the Optometric Assistant Course.  It was this job that really got me thinking about ways of working in optometry that didn’t involve the clinic setting.

That’s where I’ll be working 🙂

The catch with the new job is that the company is based in Red Deer, Alberta.  Which means I have to move to Red Deer for about a year to train for the job.  Now, I’m from Regina so it’s not a huge stretch to go.  But, there’s a reason why I left the Prairies!  It’s going to be hard to leave my brother’s family, especially with my nephew’s impending birth next month.  I’m going to miss my friends a lot.  I keep telling myself that it’s only one year, and that the change in environment will be really good for me to help shake off all the stress and frustration of the past couple of years.  I have 3 weeks to prep, pack up and get myself out there.  I’m not looking forward to that part of this change, especially because it means sorting though 11 years worth of stuff in my place, but I’ll make it through.

I can’t wait to start.  In the meantime, check out my bio on the staff page.  It’s hilarious!

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2 Responses to “Time for a huge change!”

  1. 1 cindiaugustine
    2012/05/14 at 7:31 pm

    You are going to rock at this. Change is good for the soul, but I’ll be counting the days until you’re back. Going to miss our teas and talks.

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