Happy Thanksgiving

Another Thanksgiving and another chance to reflect on giving thanks for the many blessings I have.  2011 have been a rough year for me, but there really are some wonderful things in my life that I need to recognise.


I am so happy that I have some family nearby.  Living alone, I sometimes feel very isolated and alone.  There are days when being alone is a wonderful thing, but there are many days when I need that connection to family.  I love my brother, sister-in-law and niece very dearly.

My brother and I have been close since childhood. We were partners in crime for a lot of high jinx.  As we got older, we supported each other through family dramas, university troubles, and the trials of adulthood.  Even now, I look to my brother for advice. If I’m thinking of making a big purchase like a computer, all I need to do is mention it to him, and he’ll start helping me research my options.  He is a great source of information.

I don’t have a sister, so my sister-in-law is the next best thing.  We can chat about the girly things that I can’t share with my brothers.  I also find her very inspiring with her home-based business; it makes me wish I could get off my butt and do something with my card and jewelry making.

My niece.  She is the highlight of my life.  I love being her auntie (or tita or auntie tita or lola, depending on what she feels like calling me).  She teaches me to have fun and enjoy life.  I marvel at seeing the world through her eyes.  The greatest lesson she taught me this year, without even realizing how apt her comment was at the time, was “Don’t be sad. Be happy!”


Work has been a series of ups and downs this year.  At face value, it’s an odd thing to be thankful for.  It is, after all, the source of a lot of my stress (as it is in many people’s lives).  Yet, this is where the majority of my energy goes.  My work is my passion, my focus.  I am very blessed to be in a career that I care about deeply.  Earlier this year, when I was considering leaving eyecare behind, I really couldn’t see myself doing anything else. I really feel that this is what I’m supposed to be doing with my life. I am grateful that I can recognise that because I know many people struggle to find their passion and place in life.

A very welcome benefit of my work is that I have made some really great friendships over the years.  My change in work this year has put some strain on existing friendships and created some new friendships. I’m learning that it’s always a work in progress.
Some of these people are true mentors and very close friends.  Some are still just acquaintances.  All touch my life in a special way.  I wonder if that’s normal…the fact that most of my friends are people that I’ve met through work.  It’s always been that way for me since I started working at the UBC post office all those years ago. (In fact, I attended the wedding of one of my postie friends this year. Does time ever fly!)  If any of you are actually reading this, thank you for being a part of my life 🙂


When I was growing up, I had no real concept of the ocean or mountains, or what it would be like to live somewhere other than in the Prairies.  So it’s a bit funny that now I’m a West Coast girl, and I can’t imagine going back to the Prairies (sorry Mom and Dad!).  Now that I have to take the bus to work, I can marvel at the view from the Second Narrrows Bridge, I can see the huge trees that I never saw growing up, and I can enjoy the view of the mountains.  These are all things that I never get used to seeing, even after 16 years here in Vancouver.

Home is also my two kitty cats: Sir Spotacus the Lazy on the left and Little Miss Autumn on the right. I sound like one of those sappy, crazy cat ladies, don’t I? The cats keep me from getting too lonely, and they certainly make my home life interesting. The latest saga involves trying to keep them out of my new wardrobe, which unfortunately is way too easy for little cat noses to push open. However, when I open the front door and see Spot waiting for me, or when Autumn comes up and curls by my head when I go to bed, I know that I’m home.

I hope that all of you had a very Happy Thanksgiving!

© All rights reserved, missmylin 2011.


1 Response to “Happy Thanksgiving”

  1. 2011/10/22 at 1:00 am

    Can’t believe it has been 16 years!!! Happy late Thanksgiving Myra. Can’t wait to see you and have you meet Gracie!

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