Finding my place at work

So, after all the stress of starting a new job, I’m finally getting into the groove of my new clinic. It’s been one month and 14 days since I started, but it feels like I’ve been there forever. I’m motivated to write tonight because I’ve spent the last 2 days working on the set up of my exam room. Up until today, I felt like the contact lens room was someone else’s and I just happened to be borrowing it. Now, it really feels like my space 🙂

The contact lens room (a.k.a. my office)

(Sorry for the grainy iPhone photo.) Here’s my room. Actually, it still weirds me out to call it my exam room or my office. I’m not sure why, but it feels awfully important and I don’t feel that important. But everyone in the clinic refers to it as my room. See the certificates on the right? I just put them up this morning. It’s nice to see them up again where people can see proof of the hard work it took me to get to this point. Not that I put tons of importance on what people think of me, but I am new to the clinic after all. A couple of clinical posters that I had at my previous clinic, and missed having around, went up today as well. You’re going to laugh, but I finally figured out this morning that the slit lamp table does move up and down… Well, the topographer’s table doesn’t move, so I just kinda assumed that the slit lamp’s didn’t either. And on the left is my handy dandy computerized eye chart. It’s a far cry from the AO slide projector that I had to use for my CPOT exam!

And there’s my desk.  That was where the bulk of my rearranging happened.  I was very uncomfortable with the fact that while I typed my notes I was looking away from my patient.  I’m hoping that moving the monitor and angling it like that will keep me facing the exam chair.  I wanted to put the trial lenses in the top drawer, but the tray is too wide.  I may have to keep an eye out on ebay for anyone unloading a lens tray for cheap.  I made a little “wall of fame” for myself.  The framed photo is a birthday gift from my friend Michelle.  I’m so happy that I was allowed to hang it in my room.  The white paper beside it is a drawing from Michelle’s daughter, also for my birthday.  The 2 photos above that are from a patient who is a professional photographer.  We were talking photography when I first met him, and he gave those to me at a follow up visit.

I still need to clean out the drawers and cabinets, but I feel much more comfortable in the room now.  More importantly, I feel very comfortable in the job.  I found the place, the role that I have been searching for in my work life.  I’m focusing on contact lenses, and I’m having an absolute blast with all the new fitting knowledge that I’m learning.  I’ve had several very rewarding contact lens trainings with new wearers.  I feel really good about the things that I accomplish every day, and that makes all the difference after the turmoil of the past year.  I’m really happy 😀

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