Fun at the Farmers’ Market

While I was at UBC today, I noticed a farmers’ market going on just outside the Student Union Building. Apparently today was the last day for the weekly market. Too bad. I had a lot of fun looking at all the fresh produce, handmade soaps, local honey and even the people milling about. It’s such a different experience from getting what you need from a grocery store. From the guy who talked about his 4 acres of farmland in Abbotsford to the guy whose signs read “Happy Mr. Beans $2” and “Sweet baby carrots. Trust me. They’re yummy!”, I saw the fun that can be had at a farmers’ market. (This coming from someone who sees grocery shopping as a dreaded chore.)

Mmmmm….look at that yummy deliciousness! I got the kale and corn from the Arkesteyn-Vogler Family Farm. That’s the farm in Abbotsford.  The beans and carrots (yes, I fell for the quirky signs!) came from Natural Village.  The Honey-Crisp apples came from Golden West Farms.  I also got a bar of jasmine soap from The Other Eden.

I love carrots. I will probably just eat these beauties raw.  The kale has me a little puzzled. I had kale for the first time a few months ago when Brazil Day was on Granville St. I really enjoyed it. But I’m not entirely sure how I’m supposed to cook this stuff. If anyone has any suggestions before I check out allrecipes.com, please let me know.

I had never tasted Honey-crisp apples until today. My favourites are Gala and Ambrosia for their sweetness, but they both tend to be rather mushy. Honey-crisps give me that sweetness I love and the crispness when I bite down that I had been missing in my favourites. Happy Mr. Beans will probably be stir-fried. Actually, I would love to know the recipe for the amazing chili green beans you can get at Chinese restaurants.  I don’t normally cook corn for myself, but these ears were only 75 cents each and I developed a craving for them while I was waiting to pick up the kale.

So, the lesson for today (other than my history class on the Paris Peace Conference of 1919) was that I should really make an effort to check out the local farmers’ markets. I mean, if I’m such a strong supporter of local craft fairs like I said in my last blog, then I should take the next step up and support local food suppliers.

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